Terri’s Continued Education 4

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Terri’s Continued Education 4

Shadoman Publications Copyright 2020 109 page s in 300 DPI PDF format

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The final volume in the Terri’s Continued Educations begins with Constance walking along a beach and to a lighthouse enjoying a special weekend away from the mansion.

During this time she reflects upon her life as a boy growing up as a female. (sorry that we cannot go into much detail on the early years but laws forbid it.  However we do explore the years between her eighteenth and twenty-first birthdays. We explore in part the transformation, her first time wearing lingerie, dresses and high heeled sandals

There is also the introduction of her soon to be transformed cousin Terrance who will become Terri. The maid turned lab assistant Nicole and what Constance remembers her aunt Victoria saying in Terri;s continued education Volume 3 of her importance.

This is reflection time ends and Constance confronts here mother and a shocking truth is revealed. It shatters Constance to her very core and some much so that she makes a special request to Terri and Nicole to find her her a male escort so he can teach her about anal and oral sex.

Great bedroom settings, with lots of Transgender sex including The First time Constance is taken.

If you are not up on the previous volumes then you might just want to catch up because the ending to this series is simply stunning

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1 review for Terri’s Continued Education 4

  1. mxsallybend (verified owner)

    Terri’s Continued Education 4, the latest (and, for now at least, final chapter) changes things up quite a bit. One, there are no new transformations to this chapter and, two, it’s largely Constance’s story, beginning with her memories of childhood feminization, puberty chastity, adolescent transformation, and womanly training.

    For those readers who are either new to the story or who’ve had a long wait between chapters, Constance recaps much of the first four stories, adding her own observations to the events in Terri and Nicole’s lives, but it’s with her impending 21st birthday, and the revelation of her mother’s true plans all along, that this chapter becomes something new.

    With what feels like a betrayal and the threat of an arranged marriage, her future looks bleak, but Terri and Nicole are there to help her through it and, if you know Shadoman, there is indeed a happily ever after twist in store.

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