The Phemalyx Effect

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The Phemalyx Effect is a 113 page full color pdf comic. Cocky starjumper and mercenary for hire, Gash Hunter, thought the job would be easy: Procure a sample of the mysterious yet extremely rare Phemalyx Nectar from a derelict star cruiser for the new Empress of Vexon.  But the brash moonlighter gets in over his head when he finds himself captive of the deranged xeno-botanist Euleria and her crew of mindless maidens.  Phoebe Finnley takes a detour from her Bimbo-Rotic Journey to join Gash as his reluctant slavegirl on this cosmic caper light years in the making!!!

1 review for The Phemalyx Effect

  1. Bobby (verified owner)

    Great Space adventure! A must for sure.

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