The Sanitarium Chapter 1

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Sold By: Franco Bottise


This is an all new 60 page comic! Stan was admitted to an American sanatorium at the time of the First World War, suffering from tuberculosis and was treated in an unconventional way by the headmistress of the facility. Will Stan regret choosing to go to this sanitorium?

Features lots of sex, a slow, full transformation and an all new improved translation!

1 review for The Sanitarium Chapter 1

  1. mxsallybend (verified owner)

    The Sanitarium by Franco Bottise is a dark, gritty looking WWI tale of an American soldier with tuberculosis who undergoes a very unconventional treatment at a sanatorium. From the very first panel this struck me as a perfectly illustrated story, one that looks and feels like an old wartime serial. It is sharp and clear, with beautiful lines and wonderful textures . . . and older, emancipated figures who serve as uncomfortable reminders of the horrors of the era.

    The gloryhole scenes in the sanatorium showers are particularly wonderful, all dark and wet, with beautiful women pleasuring themselves against the rules, and the fantasy scenes of the Headmistress in her bedroom, masturbating with candles, framed with rough edges that look liked burned or faded celluloid, are exquisite.

    While the soldiers have been dosed with bromide to keep them sedated and soft, there is still plenty of ribald joking that, in this day and age, would certainly be considered harassment. When Stan lays his hands on a nurse and hurts her, the Headmistress decides it is time for a feminization treatment she once used out of love, but now as an act of desperation.

    As wonderful as The Sanitarium, it is clearly a translation, and one that is at times awkward. The incorrect use of pronouns makes it difficult to know who is doing what, and there are scenes where it appears thoughts have been confused or merged with dialogue.

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