The Terri’s Continued Education Bundle


Betrayed Nephew

Teri's Continued Education

Terri's Continued Education Part 2

Shadoman’s Terri's Continued Educations #3

Terri's Continued Education 4

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The Terri’s Continued Education Bundle

5 Great Transgender titles for a very special price

At last the entire series is bundled up at a fantastic savings over the individual Cover price.

You get the comic that started it all, Betrayed Nephew and the four volumes of what happens later on in the life of Terri Cross.

Hundreds of rendered pages with a great stopry line and the occasional plot twist.

For those new to Amazing Transformation comics this is a great way to save and a bundled series with great art, attractive transgender Girls and a sometimes humorous segway when Terri gets frisky.

Five Great comics rated x for Mature adults.

This is the fourth Shadoman Bundles and more on on the way in 2021

Thanks for supporting my products and the Amazing Transformation Comics Website

Regards  shadoman


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