The Wicked Wife

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The Wicked Wife   By Shadoman copyright 2001

An Erotic Fantasy Fem-Dom Feminization Comic Rated X for Mature Adults

Comic size is 160+ pages with Bonus art

Sheri comes home to find her husband Donnie watching a sporting event that he has waged money on, worst of all he called in sick, with all his sick days used up.

Sheri confronts her husband and in a rage, changes clothes and leaves the house. Sheri makes contact with some of her girlfriends and over drinks, she blurts out she is going to inherit a ton of money from a deceased relation’s estate and fears that once her husband knows, will use some or all of it to gamble away. Sheri then learns from her friends about the New You Spa and a secret service the provide to feminize wayward husbands and boyfriends.

Sheri plots a plan to not only feminize her husband but with a new identity, get him to sign divorce papers and then make her new ex-husband, her new sissy slave girl.

Lavish settings, great looking characters and plenty of steamy sissy oral and anal sex all packed into this huge graphic Illustration

1 review for The Wicked Wife

  1. mxsallybend (verified owner)

    The Wicked Wife is a gorgeous new comic by Shadoman, a full-length illustrated novel that tells the story of Sheri and her scheme to divorce her lazy, reckless, irresponsible husband and transform him into a sissy slave with the help of the New You Resort & Spa.

    Their marriage has been souring for some time, but the passing of her grandfather means there’s a huge inheritance coming, and she’s afraid Donnie will just gamble it away. If there was ever a good time for a divorce, this is it, and once she finds out just how much money is coming her way, her reservations and uncertainties disappear. I loved the set-up of this because it’s more a feminization of convenience than cruelty, and while Donnie may not deserve everything that happens to him, there’s no question that he’d be an even bigger liability with so much money at stake.

    The actual feminization, conditioning, and training of Donnie – soon to be Donna – is as exquisite as it is detailed. There are some lovely BDSM images, beautiful time-lapse body shaping images, diabolically fun sci-fi mind control implements, and some chilling surgical scenes. The images of sexual submission training are rather striking in how sparse the black backgrounds are, but there are also images of Donna being placed in black armbinders, ball gags, and blindfolds in other wise brightly lit rooms, where the contrast is deliciously erotic.

    As much as I loved the transformation and training, the details of what happen when Donna returns to her ex-wife/owner are as erotic as they are chilling. There are some dark threads of control embedded in her new life, fatal penalties for disobedience, and there’s a carefully crafted lie to be maintained for the new man in Sheri’s life. There’s some happiness to be found there as well, but hard-earned, and there are some interesting twists before we get to the end. Along the way, there’s plenty of sissy sexuality, and I thought the quest for a proper sissygasm, with a focus on position, penetration, and prolonging her lover’s orgasm, was really well done – a level of detail that’s often glossed over.

    Shadoman always incorporates fantastic visuals in his work, and this is no different, but there are some close-ups that I thought were stunning, with little details like the texture of a knee, the shadow of ass cleavage, and small beauty marks or stretch marks really catching my eye. It’s very photorealistic, and it really draws you into the scene.

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