To Transform A Thief

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To Transform a Thief     122 Page PDF $13.00

 Professional Thief, Brenden Parker should never have broken into the home of Doctor Emma Preston.  Trapped in her lab, and subjected to knockout gas, Emma discovers that her thief is in fact the pool guy who services the pools and fountains on her luxury estate. 

 Yet by breaking into Emma’s secret lab, she runs the risk of having her illicit sideline of transforming men into females put at risk if she calls the police.  Instead, Emma decided to punish Brenden via transformation.

 Thus Brenden is subjected to a rigorous transformation in Emma’s high tech laboratory.  What follows next involves body augmentation and a little mental conditioning to force the now changed Brenda to become Emma’s own sissy thief.

 Shadoman brings you a unique tale of transformation, with a slow pace and filled with rigorous training sessions and real life sexual encounters to enhanced Brenda oral and anal skills    .  122 pages comic in PDF format created from 130+ PNG originals renders. Includes bonus cover art minus the overlays plus a extra bonus image. 

1 review for To Transform A Thief

  1. Jason (verified owner)

    Apologies for taking so long to put up a review. This is another incredible Shadoman story. The transformation, both physical and mental, is done quite well. Amazing artwork as always. The plot might be my favourite aspect of the comic. I usually prefer more sex but the story worked perfectly with the scenes it had. The last few exchanges by the two main characters have me really hoping for a sequel.

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