Transformed Captives

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Transformed Captives     112 page PDF  $12.00


After a sailboat is raided by pirates, the captives are held aboard the slave ship Wanderer. The female prisoners are already spoken for but what to do with the remaining male captives.

 A local broker buys the two young men and resells them to a syndicate. The young men think they will be male prostitutes and have no idea what really is in store for them when they come under the knife of an  experienced  Plastic Surgeon.  

 112 page comic in PDF format created from PNG originals along with bonus cover art minus the overlays. 

2 reviews for Transformed Captives

  1. Jason (verified owner)

    Another amazing comic by Shadoman. Luckily, we see more of the transformation process. I would have preferred a longer physical transformation but the mental transition was just my speed. I really enjoyed the two characters experiencing the transformation in their own way. Excellent story and gorgeous scenes.

  2. onl1975 (verified owner)

    The transformation should have been slower. Good story line.A little more busty would be perfect but I enjoyed it very much.Thanks for the entertainment.

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