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Transformed Convict  Part 1  By Shadoman  104 Pages Copyright 2020



The year is 2040 and the world is ever changing.  Penile systems are now in the hands of corporations who will do anything to make a profit.

This is the case of one Carson Parks who thought he was giving a buddy a lift and ends up being the accused driver of the getaway  car. Not only was Carson’s friend killed during the robbery, the owner of the store dies days later and now Carson is facing twenty years in prison.

But there is a way out if Carson agrees to a Gender Reassignment Program where his sentence is reduced and the prison corporation makes a profit by leasing his services for the balance of his reduced sentence to a wanting sponsor.

Thus Carson becomes Carley Marcus, the Gender Bending Wife of a man twice her age who is now the President of an Island Republic  who needs a wif to cover up the fact that he is a homosexual in a land that is highly religious.

Carley now finds herself to be the sexual outlet of her newly arranged marriage.

Time for the legal stuff

Shadoman Publications offers a unique storyline and plenty of sexual visuals to please one and all and only for Mature Adults

This comic is licensed via copyright 4-2020 all rights reserved.  This comic if for your pleasure and can be stored on your personal archive device. It is not to be shared or reposted without permission by Myself or Amazing Transformation Comics do the later violates my copyright

Also no one under the age of 18 may read this comic or have possession of it. If the laws state otherwise then the rule of thumb shall be as th whatever age is considered legal in your country

Shadoman Bears no responsabilty for this comic falling into the hands of a Minor and this story does not reflect the personal lifestyle or morals of the artist known as shadoman

Thank you for supporting my art

Regards  Shadoman

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  1. mxsallybend (verified owner)

    For his latest release, Shadoman has relaxed some of his harder, kinkier elements and created a wonderful (almost romantic) fantasy of servitude and submission. It is 2040, the penal system has been privatized, and prisons are looking for new revenue streams. When Carson is sentenced to 20 years as the driver in a fatal robbery, he volunteers for the prison’s gender modification program to reduce his sentence, becoming a Transformed Convict.

    Part One of the story is where all the sci-fi kink is to be found with a very erotic sequence of preparation and transformation.

    It is in Part Two that we find out what the new Carley’s future holds – she will belong to the gay president of a small island country, publicly serving as his first lady and providing cover to the Catholic nation, while privately fulfilling his sexual needs as a chaste sissy.

    Part Three is the erotic chapter of the story, involving both men and women, with Carley’s conscious mind slowly catching up to her subconscious conditioning, until she suddenly finds herself enjoying her role and even taking the lead.

    The story ends on a surprisingly tender note, which makes me excited for what is coming next . . . although I know Shadoman will have a few surprise twists in store!

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