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Transformed Sanurai   Copyright 2021 Shadoman Publicatiuons

Tadashi Ken’s life has turned upside down, Hunted by men who murdered his cousin he finds sanctuary at the hands of Aiko Tanaka, the owner of a Salon who hides him and then convinces him to meet her Grandfather.

At Tanaka’s home near Moro Bay California, Tadashi learns that Tanaka and his Father had fought in WW-II Yet Tanaka does  not look much older than 60.  Tadashi also learns that not only did The leader of the gang of thugs that killed his cousin, Also killed Aiko Parents, her sister and Tadashi parents.

Fueled with rage, Tadashi vows vengeance and agrees to be trained by Aiko Grandfather in the ways of Bushido to seek justice in the ways of the Samurai and Ninjitsu.  However there is a catch. To get to the gangster Boss Yamato, they must work covertly and use Boss Yamato’s greatest desires against him and to do that Tadashi must become a Transgender call girl.

Once transformed. Tadashi Ken assumes a new identity of one Azumi Kendo and besides the training in the dojo, Azumi must bite the bullet and lean how to please a man. Once that is done, she must learn to dress like an escort / call girl and walk the walk in high heels.

Once she is ready, she entertains Boss Yamato sexually while wrecking havoc on his men and illegal operations.

This is a huge Comic spanning some 195 page plus special bonus art that you come to expect from a Shadoman Comic.  Great looking women, a rugged but handsome bad guy and lots of transgender sex with just a touch of implied violence. Hey, Ninja’s and Samurais do not have swords for looks.  What I will promise is there are no violent scenes. A good storyteller can imply violence without visual.

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  1. mxsallybend (verified owner)

    Transformed Samurai is a huge new comic by Shadoman, clocking in at almost 200 pages, that tells the tale of Tadashi Ken, a hunted man seeking vengeance for his family’s murder, who must become a transgender call girl in order to get close enough to put his samurai skills to use.

    The story starts with an opportune encounter with a woman who helps alters his hair to help disguise him, then introduces him to her grandfather, who plans to alter the young man even further. It makes for a nice bit of foreshadowing, and I like that Aiko Tanaka has her own motives for wanting to see justice done, but what’s really interesting is the blend of ancient values and codes of honor with contemporary circumstances and futuristic technology.

    The actual transformation of Tadashi into Azumi will look familiar to fans of Shadoman’s work, but there are a few new elements, and the whole process is lovingly detailed over 9 pages and 12 panels covering all 9 weeks of the process. The next 4 months of martial arts training are covered more quickly, but the clothes, weapons, and postures are a nice addition to the comic. Poor, naive Azumi throws a wrinkle into the plans when she realizes she’ll need to be intimate with her enemy, but there’s a gorgeous sequence where she’s mentally conditioned to get past the trauma, and another where she undergoes some erotic training.

    Perhaps my favorite part of the comic, however, are the pages where Azumi gets to try on her new clothes – lingerie, dresses, heels, and all – and has to learn how to move and walk like a woman. It’s sexy and cute, not to mention a bit comical, and the outfits are to die for!

    As we pass the halfway point of the story, Azumi is the perfect, sexualized samurai/ninja, and that’s where the story really gets fun. I won’t spoil all the goodies, but there’s action, erotica, tenderness, and violence, although Shadoman keeps most of the actual bloodletting off the page. There are so many new settings to explore in the second half, including foggy vistas and costumed characters skulking in the shadows, and it all makes for a lovely contrast with the brighter interiors and naked bodies. The story takes us in and out of both worlds, reminding us that for all the sexy adventure, there’s a vendetta here to be settled, and it should come as no surprise that it’s done so satisfactorily.

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