Transgender Confidential 02


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Transgender Confidential 02  Copyright 2018


Kendal has recently found himself unemployed and is now looking for work before his severance pay runs out. Living oon the cheap, Kendal uses a local WIFI hotspot that just happens to be near a lingerie store.

As kendal searches the Internet, he can’t but help look at the lovely ladies that exit the store, bag in hand, with lingerie.

After several days he is approched by the owner of the Lingerie store and inquires about his pressence. He explains that he is not a stalker and just using free WIFI to search for an accountant job.  And as luck would have it, The Owner of the store is looking for a new accountant.

Later that night Kendal inspects the books and remarks that they have been set up to allow a hack. He sets up an ecrytption prorgam to prevent hacking and he is higher on the spot. One thing is he muct live above the lingerie shop with his new boss and co-workers.

A job is a job right, But Kendal soon finds one of the girls in his bedroom and enjoys a good oral session with her, only to dind out a day letter that she and the other girls are Transgender.

Deep down Kendal feels the tug of his subconscious telling him things he had suspected for quite some time.and when told he can be converted just like his coworkers, Kandal jumps at the chance

For those of you who purchased Transgender Confidential one, you know that this story is told from the First Person Point of view,  with great new Transition sets, along with lovely characters, great transgender sex including a three way session.

157 Pages for Mature adults


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