TransGender Confidential 03  The Exchange Student


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TransGender Confidential 03  The Exchange Student.

203 page Mega Graphic Story For Mature Adults

For most of his young life, Ashley Dunn has been smothered by his very christian parents. For Ashley, life is nothing but school, homework and working in his parents store with little else to do.

Something else seems to be bothering Ashley as well as something deep inside him is telling him that something is just not right,  and his suppression by his parents does not help. So when his parents make a deal with him to send him to any university if he graduates with honors, Ashley exceeds his parents expectations ans says he wants to learn abroad as an exchange students.

Feering their son may be subjected to an unhealthy atmosphere, they agree. But unknown to young Ashley,  as he arrives in Paris,  he will be studying with a renowned tutor at her country estate.

Enter Ellie Buchard a beautiful woman of thirty, who lets Ashley in on his parents devious plot. They think Ellie is some spinster, but Ashley soon becomes enamoured with her and upon a discsussion of sex Ellie discovers that Ashley is a Virgin and quickly leads him back to his bedroom and gently seduces him.

With more freedom Ashley begins to explore his inner feelings and during his conversations with his teacher, in and out of bed. they soon come to the conclusion regarding Ashley’s true Gender

Ellie assists Ashley in exploring his sexuakllity and vows to help him seek a makeover with her vast financial wealth. Ashley promises to pay her back knowing that his parents will cut him off and maybe even seek to revoke his student visa, but ellie is one step ahead and begins Ashley’s petition to become a French Citizen and sponsor Ashley though his gender changing operations.

This epic story spans just over 200 pages and contains some of his beter images when it comes to erotic transgender sex.  This story has it all even a full transformation and some light submissive consensual bondage domination. and bi-sexual interaction




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