Transgender Confidential 4: The Ambitious Writer

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Transgender Confidential Vol 4: The Ambitious Writer

Copyright 2020  By Shadoman 169 pages

Aspiring writer Brendan Cassidy thought he was meeting his girlfriend for drinks and dinner, Instead she was giving him the boot with the ultimatum of moving his gear out of her apartment by the weekend.

Left with the possibility of living out of his suitcase till he found a new place, a mysterious woman approaches him with a interesting proposition. He could stay at her place and write to his hearts content in exchange for doing odd jobs around the house. When Brenden inquires to the woman’s name, he learns that her name is Cassie, but in fact she is really the well known writer and author Alessandra Marcos.

For the next few months Brendan works on his book but also enjoys the lovely house amenities like the lavish pool and running errands in the company car, which happens to be a Jaguar Sports car.

Upon the completion of his first novel, Cassie joins him at the publishers office, The publisher recognizes her and after a short talk, Brendan’s novel is accepted and publish to praise and accolades from the reviewers.

Over time, It comes as no secret to Cassie that the younger Brendan is attracted to her so after getting dressed to the nines for a charity function, and then during the drive home Cassie decides that tonight is the night they end up making love in Cassie’s bedroom.  It is here that Cassie finally learns of the most secret desires of her protege

What follows next is a journey into the realm of spells and mystism and even a visit from the realm of Olympus.

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1 review for Transgender Confidential 4: The Ambitious Writer

  1. mxsallybend (verified owner)

    The latest standalone story in the Transgender Confidential series The Ambitious Writer, is a dream come true in so many ways, and a story that speaks even louder to me as an author as well as a reader.

    Visually, of course, this is a delight. Clothes and hair are wonderful, facial features and body language are perfect, and there are some nice new textures (such as the swimming pool) and effects (such as the lightning bolts) that really catch the eye. The charity function at the museum is one of my favorite scenes, with so much going on that you really do need to pause and take it all in. The late night drive in the Rolls Royce has some nice touches; the magic and the transformation scenes are beautifully rendered; and the scenes of Brandon/Brenda dressing at Cassie’s direction are wonderful.

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