Transgender Confidential 5

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Transgender Confidential 5  The Rock Star by Shadoman copyright 2021

136 page PDF comic for Mature Adults

Shadoman breaks into the new year with his  5th installment of the Transgender Confidential Series…..The Rock Star

Our story starts with a network celebrity interview talk show where the  host interviews celebrities over a 2 hour timeframe.

For this interview Rick introduces Ellise Stark who is also known as the famous Rock star “Ravenwood”

During the interview Ellie comes out o the closet and claims she is a transexual and then tells her story of her makeover from a young male in his ealry 20’s to a stunning transgender female

New and elaborate sets, Lovely characters, and plenty of sex and lingerie will thrill you during this fantastic story that will include a full transition of Ellies transgender lover Tamiko

Rated Hard R for mature adults .


1 review for Transgender Confidential 5

  1. mxsallybend (verified owner)

    The story opens with a talk show exclusive, an interview with music sensation Raven-Wood (aka Ellise Stark), who chooses to celebrate Coming Out Day by revealing to millions that she’s transsexual. What follows is the story of her life, from the first inklings of gender awareness through her therapy and surgery to her coming out on nationwide television.

    I don’t want to say too much about her story, but the bulk of it takes place in a unique mansion setting where Ellis becomes acclimatized to the idea of being transgender . . . exposed to the erotic possibilities . . . and introduced to a whole new life. There are some lovely costumes on display (the lingerie is especially well rendered, and the texture/sheen of Tamiko’s nurse’s outfit is outstanding), and the contrast between slender, curvaceous young women and the chastity’s cages between their legs is delicious.

    The Rock Star is not just about sex and transformation, though, it’s also about the creative process and the music industry itself. There are some wonderful details about songwriting and singing, some naughty bits about lecherous producers, and even a romance behind it all. It’s a lovely story of a magnificent woman, one that’s accented not defined by the sex. Highly recommended!

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