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Transgender Confidential Vol 1  Quid Pro Quo  Shadoman Publications Copyright 2018

Distribution Via Amazing Transformation Comics  All Rights reserved

Transgender Confidential will be  a series of stories told in the first person and in volume 1 “QUID PRO QUO” we meet young Allen Preston who narates his story on how he became a Transgender Female.

The story is cast 10 years into the future and covers the early years of Allen who will eventually become Allie Preston after years of trying the find the truth, behind these feelings that something is just not right with him.  The story covers Allens early years on a single page with no visuals and we pick up with Allens life as he becomes a college student

Struggling with hetersexual escapades and sometimes failures, Allen seeks therapy and clues to what is wrong with him. Then one day a package arrives from his therapist with Heels, hose, and a summer dress and instructions to put them on.  The results were like night and day and gives Allen insight to his need to become female.

An inheritance affods Allen the best Transgender Science of that era and soon Allen becomes the beautiful Allie with all the credentials befitting her gender.  On her first venture outside the facilty, Allie stumbles into a bar with a craving for some scotch and meets  Kelly Shaw. A slim but well proportion brunette who invites Allie to her home.  Now all that Allie must due is drum up some courage to reveal to Kelly what she really is and hopefully finds bliss in the arms of another woman.

Once again Shadoman brings you another great story filled with plenty of Transgender  transformation, sex, and a some  bdsm play thrown in along with an interesting plot swing towards the end.  Lovely settings, beauthiful figures and for what is sure to be a page turner

126 pages including bonus art  and rated  X for mature adults

Thank you foir supporting my art and stories

Regards  The Shadoman 2018


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