Virtual Transformation

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Virtual Transformation  By Shadoman

Copyright 2019 @146 pages

Sometime in the near future, it just might be possible to transform oneself into a Virtual world where real life people interact with you. Not only does the experience feel real,  but sexual experiences produce real oragasm’s

So when Dan Ferris and Nick Taylor, get an opportunity to set up one of these machines they discover that as a bonus they would be given the opportunity to break the unit in. What they were not aware of was that Olivia Monroe, the owner of the equipment, has a special virtual reality program in mind for her two programmers.

Dan and Nick  soon find themselves in a virtual world where they are now members of the opposite sex and to top it off beautiful ladies of the evening out plying their bodies for money.  At first the pair assume that this is all a joke arranged by Olivia, so they act their parts with a couple of Johns, but in real life, they are being prepared for an actual transformation.

But real transformations take time so Olivia has a subroutine set in place where Dan and Nick, or rather Dannie and Nikki are forced to relive their virtual scenario as they real bodies are slowly transformed.

There are some great sets here with plenty of sex and a little BDSM thrown in as Dannie and Nikki have a both a full virtual and real life transformations that is sure to please and a fer plot twists thrown in.


1 review for Virtual Transformation

  1. mxsallybend (verified owner)

    The appeal of virtual reality is that it makes anything possible. You can live out any fantasy/nightmare without limitations. In Virtual Transformation, Shadoman traps 2 men in a BDSM scenario while their real bodies are slowly feminized…and then layers in some surprises!

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